Fox McCloud and the other guy showcased in Starlink: Battle for Atlas trailers

Holding out for a hero

Ubisoft has dropped a couple of dramatic 30-second spots taking a look at two of the heroes from their upcoming Toys-to-Life space shooter Starlink: Battle for Atlas, which jets off on multiple platforms later this month.

The first trailer features canon protagonist Mason Rana, who pilots the powerful star fighter, The Zenith. Unfortunately for old Mason here, his moment of glory has, let’s face it, been completely eclipsed by the addition of one of Nintendo’s most popular characters…

Fox McCloud, who features in the second trailer, will be jetting into battle piloting his trusty Arwing. Revealed as a surprise crossover character during E3 this year, the appearance of McCloud is likely to bring a lot of Star Fox fans into the fold, especially those who want to pick up the sweet tie-in toys.

You can check out the two pilots in the videos below. Starlink: Battle for Atlas launches on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch October 16.

Chris Moyse
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