Four seasons in one image shows how beautiful Stardew Valley’s pixel art really is

All it needs now is Frankie Valli

I stopped and starred at this Stardew Valley image for quite some time.

Shared by pikaprim on Reddit, it showcases all four seasons spliced into one image, which is actually a 33-year-old Stardew Valley farm. For those who aren’t aware, it takes roughly five and a half hours of gametime, give or take, to complete a year. So pikaprim has been playing for a long, long while.

And I’d say it paid off if we can all enjoy this scene together. Stardew is one of those games I come back to time and time again, whether it’s a multiplayer farm or a solo endeavour, and just chill out. There’s so much to do (with more on the way), and given that all the updates are free without worrying about DLC parity, you can just dive in and not feel like you’re missing anything: or stress about huge multi-gig patches.

For that low-fi approach and much more; it truly is one of the best games of the decade.

4 season in 1 picture [Reddit]

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