Four new DJ Hero videos for your amusement and my confusion

Watching footage of DJ Hero reminds me in many ways of watching YouTube videos of Guitar Hero II in the days leading up to the game’s launch. I had never touched a guitar peripheral in my life, and the concept of hitting colored buttons to rock music was as foreign to me as it was intriguing.

As I mentioned during Wednesday’s news about DJ Yoda and The Scratch Perverts offering their mixes to DJ Hero, I know almost nothing about the subject other than what good old reliable pop culture has taught me about disc jockeys.

Seeing someone play DJ Hero songs on Expert causes me to recoil in absolute confusion — how is he doing that!? What’s happening? Someone hold me! My first hour spent with DJ Hero will undoubtedly be embarrassing for me and anyone unfortunate enough to be watching. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Common vs. Masta Ace” – Scratch Pervert mix

“Noisa ‘Groundhog’ (Beat Juggle)” – Scratch Perverts mix

“Jackson 5 vs. Gang Starr” – DJ Yoda mix

“Little Richard vs. Shlomo” – DJ Yoda mix

Quick note to the person responsible for cutting these videos: next time, can you be a dear and release everything as one video? Pretty please? It’s kind of absurd to have four different 30-second slices that take up 40+ MB each when it all could just as easily have been slapped together for one normal-sized clip.

Best regards,

The forgiving dude who took the time to put up with this nonsense

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