Four characters rumoured to be returning in Street Fighter V

Alex, Urien, R. Mika, and Karin Kanzuki

Recently, Yoshinori Ono unveiled a whole new Brazilian stage for Street Fighter V. With it, there’s a strong possibility everyone’s favourite green guy Blanka is on the way. However, Siliconera claims it knows four other returning characters coming to the game too.

These are all totally unsubstantiated rumours that Destructoid has been unable to independently verify, though Siliconera seems fairly confident about them.

The site asserts the characters are Street Fighter 3’s Alex and Urien, and Street Fighter Alpha 3’s Karin Kanzuki and R. Mika. We don’t know any details about their appearances in the game, how they’ll play, or what their stories will be, we’re just being told they’re in there.

Three of those characters have been seen outside of their debut games, which means it’s more likely Capcom hasn’t forgotten about them: Alex was in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, while Urien and Karin were both in Capcom Fighting Evolution.

R. Mika on the other hand has only been playable in Street Fighter Alpha 3. She’s been a fan favourite since her debut though, so maybe she’s finally being let back into the series? We won’t know for sure until it’s been confirmed by Capcom.

I would consider it strange knowing about them before series staples like Zangief or Sakura, but then again we also know fuckin’ Birdie’s coming back, so who knows?

Street Fighter V Will Include Alex And Urien From Street Fighter III [Siliconera, Siliconera]

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