Forza Horizon 2’s first DLC takes places at the ominous Storm Island

Gee, I wonder what happens there

Forza Horizon 2 shipped this fall with plenty of inclement weather, unlike some other game. Nevertheless, its first add-on centers around even more torrential downpours on the paradisiacal sounding Storm Island.

Storm Island, as the DLC’s called, is a new sandbox to explore that’s full of extremes — extreme weather, extreme terrain, and an extreme amount of content. Sporting 90 events (including five new event types) and an entirely unique map from the base game, Storm Island seems like the type of add-on that’ll be quite the time-sink for those that want to fully experience it.

However, it doesn’t necessarily come cheap. Storm Island‘s available now for $19.99 ($9.99 for VIP members), which is a bit more than most DLC packs. But, those legendary tales about racing through a monsoon are priceless.

Brett Makedonski
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