Forza 3 player isn’t banned for breast cancer sticker

We received a few tips this afternoon, pointing to a forum post, in which user Slim135 says he was banned for a Breast Cancer Awareness bumper sticker as part of his custom livery setup in Forza 3. The way we heard it, the sticker got him banned for having the word “breast” on it. Sounds a little ridiculous, right? Turns out it is.

We contacted Turn 10’s Community Manager, Che Chou, to find out why someone would be banned for a relatively tame word like “breast.” As it turns out, the bumper sticker actually said “Save the Ta-Tas” on it, which some users found offensive and subsequently reported as such. Not knowing this was an actual slogan from an actual breast cancer foundation, Turn 10 issued a ban in response to a number of inappropriate content complaints from the Forza community.

Afterward, they were pointed toward this website, which is part of a real breast cancer foundation that actually does use the slogan, “Save the Ta-Tas.” With the misunderstanding cleared up, the ban was promptly lifted. If the internet mobs put down their pitchforks long enough to take notice, they’d see that all is well.

That’s not to say you should go about pasting boobs all over your Nissan in Forza 3. But if you heard that Turn 10 will ban you for the text “Breast Cancer” because “breast” is a naughty, naughty word, you heard wrong.


Topher Cantler