Forza 2 patch coming today, DLC planned for this Fall

The first Forza 2 auto-update has made it past the brutal Microsoft certification process and should be available sometime today. This patch is going to fix/change the following:

• Deny gifting and reselling of cars with locked paint jobs.
• A temporary ban on the Lotus Elan use on scoreboards and in multiplayer.
• Allow cars to be fully rotated while being viewed in the Auction House.
• A number of scoreboard problems have been fixed.
• Removed host’s ability to boot players during a race.
• Miscellaneous

If you’re dying to know what miscellaneous might entail, head on over to this site, where Turn 10 explains each fix in detail and why they’ve decided to include it in the update. They’re also working on another Forza 2 patch right now, but it’s not ready to go live just yet.

In the ongoing tradition of creating downloadable content for every major Xbox 360 release under the sun, Turn 10 has also announced that tracks and car packs will be released as DLC starting in August and continuing throughout this Fall.

[Via Gaming Bits, thanks Joe and Tazar] 

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