Fortune teller Menat coming to Street Fighter V August 29

Nikki Menat

Continuing on a string of brand new characters for Street Fighter V’s Season 2 DLC, the fortune teller seen in Ed’s story, Menat, is joining the roster August 29. There were rumors of her possible inclusion floating around, and I was hoping this would be the case given I very much like her design. Especially so after the Abigail situation.

Her Rose-adjace crystal ball is a projectile that can be called back and used for some frustrating looking mix-ups. Her pushing and pulling Ryu around shows a heavy control of the space around her, which could even lock an opponent down. She also has a useful dive kick, as well as an ability to teleport her way out of trouble. 

Design wise she reminds me a bit of Tekken‘s Lucky Chloe (complete with a cat pose) mixed with Soul Calibur’s Viola, actually. Naturally, I’m all in. 

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