Fortnite’s Battle Bus is coming to Rocket League, and we should’ve seen that one from a million miles away

Gonna be a lot of new players on that bus

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I’m almost a little ashamed to admit this but among my many predictions for Rocket League after the Epic acquisition, it never crossed my mind that Fortnite‘s Battle Bus would become a playable vehicle. There’s exactly one iconic vehicle in all of Fortnite and it soars high above the clouds. Rocket League is all about cars doing cool shit in the air. This should’ve been obvious.

Next weekend, the Battle Bus joins the Rocket League roster. It’s the final reward as part of the Rocket League free-to-play inaugural Llama-Rama event. Psyonix has never given a new car body away as part of an in-game event, so this is about the most significant one of these has ever been. Usually it’s stacks of event currency that can be traded for some limited cosmetics.

Llama-Rama is also the most involved a Rocket League event has ever been. Progressing through it requires completing (reasonably easy) tasks to earn rewards and unlock new tasks. It’s not just confined to Rocket League either. Completing challenges in Rocket League will unlock rewards in both Rocket League and Fortnite.

Here’s the full breakdown of challenges and rewards:

Challenge 1:

  • Rocket League Challenge: Play an Online Match in Any Playlist
  • Rocket League Reward: Llama Flyer Antenna 
  • Fortnite Reward: Rocket League Spray

Challenge 2:

  • Rocket League Challenge: Win 1 Online Match in Casual with the Llama Antenna
  • Rocket League Reward: Top Llama Topper
  • Fortnite Reward: Holodata Drop Contrail

Challenge 3:

  • Rocket League Challenge: Get 5 goals, saves, or assists with the Llama Topper
  • Rocket League Reward: Loot Llama Octane Decal
  • Fortnite Reward: Rocket Groove Music Track

Challenge 4:

  • Rocket League Challenge: Win 5 Online Matches in Any Playlist with the Llama Decal (Octane)
  • Rocket League Reward: Llama Wheels
  • Fortnite Reward: Rocket League Emoticon

Challenge 5:

  • Rocket League Challenge: Get MVP in any Online Match with the Llama Wheels
  • Rocket League Reward: Battle Bus + Battle Balloon Antenna, Battle Bus Wheels, and Battle Bus Engine Audio
  • Fortnite Reward: Octane RL Backbling + style variant

There’s plenty of time to work your way through Llama-Rama. Free-to-play goes live September 23 (tomorrow!), Llama-Rama starts on September 26, and the event ends on October 12.

Llama-Rama Brings Fortnite and Rocket League Together! [Epic Games]

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