Fortnite will be back Tuesday. Maybe. Probably. Hell, we’re just guessing

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Hope Taco Tuesday isn’t a Taco Ruseday

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It is a school holiday in most parts of the United States, yet no children are spending their off-day glued to Fortnite. They can’t. Yesterday, Epic went and deleted Fortnite from existence — sending a barrage of rockets and meteors to destroy the map, catapulting players into space to stare at a black hole. As of right now, that’s all Fortnite is: Just a giant black hole.

It’ll come back at some point, though. Probably Tuesday. Why Tuesday? Because Ninja offered up a hint where he says “Tacos.” That’s an obvious nod toward Taco Tuesday. Maybe.

If that’s too flimsy for you (and it probably should be), leaker Lucas7Yoshi found a chunk of code in the Fortnite site that points to this event ending on Tuesday, October 15 at 6am Eastern:

Assuming all of this coalesces to form a correct guesstimate, Epic will have taken Fortnite offline for nearly two full days. There’s good reason. It seems that when Fortnite returns, it’ll have a new map with all sorts of new features. Here’s a leaked trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2:

It’s only 30 seconds long but there’s a lot to unpack. Speedboats, carrying downed teammates, hiding in trash cans, swimming, pogo sticks, and a level cap that extends beyond 100. You’ll see it all tomorrow when Season 1 kicks off. Maybe. We just need the Taco Tuesday thing to pay off to know when Fortnite‘s coming back. That’s a silly sentence.

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