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“Fortnite Mega” teased in new tweet, new season coming March 10

This is the rumored first-person season

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Just a few days ago we were given copious leaked info for the upcoming Fortnite season, which will shift away from The Witcher and the medievil focus into something else entirely. Thus far the key info we’ve gotten seems to be “first-person mode” (likely similar to how no-build is a separate, hopefully permanent mode now), and a neon aesthetic. A new tweet from Epic Games appears to confirm the latter.

The tweet is classically “Fortnite vague”, and just reconfirms the neon setting that has been present in leaks and rumors this past week. The phrase “made with precision” seems to be referring to the chef in the picture (who could be a skin), teasing players to “prepare for Fortnite Mega” (which could simply be the nomenclature of the new season/zone). As usual the marketing for Fortnite is on point; as there’s a combination of rumor-spreading, speculation, and semi-confirmation that’s just enough to talk about. Once the seasonal skins and tie-ins are fully confirmed, that’s when the floodgates will open.

The biggest news out of this tweet is that the new season (Chapter 4 Season 2) actually starts on March 10 (note: the current season ends on March 8). A follow-up tweet confirmed that there would be downtime on March 10 at 2AM ET, with the season likely debuting shortly after.

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