Fortnite Herald quest guide: How to finish all the Herald challenges

Fortnite Herald quest guide

Unlock The Herald character for free with the battle pass

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Is is customary, the midpoint of the current Fortnite season is upon us, and it’s time to unlock a free character. This time around it’s The Herald: a mysterious NPC that players could battle in the Herald’s Sanctum earlier in the season.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to finish all the challenges associated with her. After finishing just three challenges from “damage opponents” to “tame chrome-ified wildlife” (the rest don’t unlock until you do three), you’ll unlock the base character of The Herald. The rest of the challenges include additional tints/items.

Part 1 – Damage opponents while chrome-ified (500 damage)

This is a really simple challenge to clear.

Simply go to a location that’s already chromed (it could vary based on the season time period), and use your pickaxe to dismantle any chrome objects. Chrome splash items will pop up, which you can use on yourself to become “chromeified.”

Deal damage to opponents while in this state and you’re good to go! It only has one stage, and only requires 500 damage, which is roughly five kills.

Eliminate Opponents (10)

While you’re playing the game, you’ll clear this one in no time.

It’s straight-forward: there’s no tricks or chrome requirements. You just need to get eliminations.

Ignite Structures (50)

Remember: fireflies are essentially fire grenades that can be found in-between trees out in the map. Go to a forest to find plentiful stock, pick them all up, then head to a wooden building.

Throw several fireflies into each end of it, then move to another building and do the same. You can clear this out with just a handful of fireflies.

Tame chrome-ified wildlife (2)

This challenge is much simpler than it sounds.

All you need to go is gather two chrome splash items, then splash mounts (boars or wolves). Go roam around the center of the map, locate one, splash it, then jump on its back.

Part 2- Destroy objects with the explosive Goo Gun (50)

As is usually the case with weapon-specific challenges, you’ll want to go to a named location and open chest after chest until you find the explosive Goo Gun.

After locating it, just toss explosives inside of a building willy nilly, and you’ll clear out enough objects to pop the challenge quickly.

Get chrome-ified while driving

This one can be done in a few ways:

  • You can have a teammate chrome splash your car while you’re driving it
  • Drive your car directly into a whirling tornado with chrome
  • Lean out the side window and toss a chrome splash

Land at Herald’s Sanctum and place top 10

This is another straight-forward one. Just land at the Herald’s Sanctum in the east of the map, then place in the top 10 of survivors.

Land here every game until you complete it to up your chances.

Talk with characters and deliver the Herald’s Warning

One of the simplest things to do when kicking off this quest is to locate Guaco (the NPC with a taco head) in the west side of Greasy Grove. Just look for the black and white text bubble/box. Speak to them and select the Herald’s warning option in the dialogue wheel. Cryptic was another NPC that I was able to deliver the warning to: he’s located in the blimp to the west of Tilted Towers.

You can try any NPC in the game (not just the location marked on the map): speaking to them could bring up a dialogue option to “deliver the Herald’s warning.” Just note that not every NPC works currently as the quest is rolling out.

Eliminate opponents at airborne locations

When landing at the start of a match, just drop into any blimp that’s roaming around the map (exact locations vary).

That’s it! You can also go to any airborne location (complete with steampunk-esque propellers), like the Flutter Barn.

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