Fortnite came back, overhauls its entire map as ‘Chapter 2’ begins

A whole new world

Fortnite has had several “world ending” events in the past, but this time they actually ended it: temporarily, because there’s money to be made.

It’s being referred to as Fortnite: Chapter 2, and will follow the story of a new crew, as well as a blown-up map, and of course, new cosmetics to buy. That goopy guy in the trailer below is based on the “Rippley” skin, who was created due to the Mr. Burns-esque sludge running off of the Slurp factory in-game. A lot more skins are shown off (like the 8-Ball assassin that looks a lot like Venom from Guilty Gear), as is the new map.

I jumped into a game to test it out and was fairly surprised at how well Epic Games managed to strike a balance between old and new. It’s still Fornite, that’s for sure, but the new locations kind of take everything Epic has learned so far from all of the map evolutions in “Chapter 1” and run with it, providing plenty of opportunities for fun firefights beyond the scope of player-created structures.

Plus, in that very same game I got third place: still got it!

Chris Carter
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