Fortnite and Apple’s nasty court battle reveals characters that might show up, like Samus and Naruto

And…The Rock?

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We’re this close to figuring out why Metroid can’t crawl, and we may never know, if the plans in this Epic versus Apple court document never sees the light of day.

So in case you missed it, the huge court battle between Epic and Apple is happening now, which will potentially determine the fate of both the App Store and Epic’s forthcoming business plan. There’s a lot to unpack here from a legal standpoint, but one of the more interesting elements that came out of the proceedings was…spoilers?

Yep, documents not only highlight strategic partnerships that might have been between Apple and Epic, but also various other collaborators.

Here are the big highlights that haven’t actually happened yet:

  • The Rock skin
  • A full basketball minigame (with LeBron and Zion skins)
  • Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga skins
  • Samus Aran skin
  • Naruto Uzumaki skin
  • Katniss Everdeen skin
  • The Bride (Kill Bill) skin
  • Snake Plissken skin
  • Batman Looper skin (likely tied to the ongoing DC event)
  • John McClane skin

Note that these were proposed/planned concepts, and may not actually play out. It’s interesting, because several of these skins would have worked well with the “hunter” theme. John McClane and Snake specifically slotted nicely into the Terminator and Sarah Connor/Alien Hollywood skins from last season.

Also, Samus Aran has been heavily rumored for a long time (likely due to these internal documents), and would have completed the trifecta along with Master Chief and Kratos last season.

If you’re interested in following along with the Apple v Epic case yourself you can find the official Northern District of California court page here, with information for dialing in, as well as court statements that have been made public.

It will run Monday through Thursday, starting each day at 11:15AM ET until 4:30PM ET, for roughly three weeks.

Apple X Epic [Document Cloud via The Verge]

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