Fortnite added a Stonks Guy skin, and I can hear the groaning through my speakers

‘Diamond Hanz’

Coming fresh off of raptors, a map addition pretty much everyone is enjoying, Fortnite decided to lean into the memes and add the “Stonks Guy.” You know, the “stocks are doing well” image you may have seen before? It was all for April Fools’, but like several other jokes, this one is real.

The skin is 1200 V-Bucks (roughly $10), and references multiple goings-on recently, not just the meme itself. The phrase “the market is open and it’s time to shine. Buy! Hold! Win!” with the subtitle “To the Moon!” is a direct homage to the whole WallStreetBets saga. He comes with the skin itself, which is basically Fortnite‘s take on the Stonks Guy, and the “Gains!” back bling, which is an orange rising arrow; also part of the meme. 

Epic was so proud of it in fact, that I had to watch a video of it when I loaded up the game. And you couldn’t mash a button to skip it: you had to hold down the skip button for multiple seconds. I haven’t seen the skin yet in multiple games with hundreds of players as a sample size, so if you hate the idea of this, the “silence, brand” mantra seems to be winning out.

The good news is that there’s a lot of recent in-game business to distract people from this stunt, as Fortnite just kicked off the “Spring Breakout” series of quests, which comes with its own set of XP and a reward (Webster’s Tactical Quaxes). All you have to do for the main legendary questline is collect bouncy eggs on the ground, which can be done in battle royale or Team Rumble.

I’ve found that the trees near the lighthouse in the northwest of the map is a great place to farm them.

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