Formula Retro Racing: World Tour parallel parks on PC, Switch, and Xbox today

Formula Retro Racing: World Tour

Aerodynamic edges

Retro-inspired racing title, Formula Retro Racing: World Tour, has launched on PC, Switch, and Xbox consoles today, with a PlayStation version coming on April 21st.

Developed by Repixel8 and CGA Studios, Formula Retro Racing: World Tour is a lo-fi, retro-inspired racer in the vein of Virtua Racing. Focusing on quick speed and chunky polygonal graphics, it tries to recapture the yesteryear of arcade racing. Despite its retro focus, the developers have tried to put in some more realistic features into it, including how the suspension works and the track design.

It’s also the sequel to 2020’s Formula Retro Racing. It uses the same art style while trying to expand the game in every way, offering more tracks, polish, and even a VR mode. The developers have said they plan on expanding and improving the game over at least the next three months.

I played a bit of Formula Retro Racing: World Tour, and it’s maybe not for me. I like retro racers, but I normally think back to San Francisco Rush. It leans a little more into simulation design than I prefer. I’d rather have dinosaurs and UFOs on the track, or failing that, let me drive a school bus. That said, it does feel like a relatively tight experience, and there’s a lot more content here than there was in the original 2020 title.

Formula Retro Racing: World Tour is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S for $19.99.

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