Former XBLA title Hoopworld coming to WiIWare next week

Remember Hoopworld for Xbox LIVE Arcade? Yeah, I wouldn’t blame you. The game had been announced, was even playable, but was never released. What happened? It was being turned into a WiiWare game that’s — surprise! — coming out next week on July 19.

Originally set to be some kind of odd basketball/dodgeball/party game mash-up, Hoopworld is now a 3-on-3 basketball title. The game retains it’s whacky, bright-colored look and feel, with seven teams and six outdoor locations. The title is firmly planted in arcade roots, with power-ups and all of that jazz. Trying to beat NBA Jam to the market are we?

Hoopworld will run you 1,000 Wii Points, or ten dollars in American monies.

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