Former Switch exclusive Never Stop Sneakin’ is coming to PC this month


Never Stop Sneakin’ kind of snuck onto the scene, literally. I mean it was a Metal Gear Solid homage from the developer of the incredible Dust: An Elysian Tale, and launched as a Switch exclusive in the very packed month of December 2017. You’d think there would be a little more fanfare, but it’s arriving on another platform soon enough.

As announced by way of a Steam landing page, Sneakin’ will arrive on PC this month. An exact date or price isn’t given, but since the Switch edition is $14.99, you can probably bet it’ll be around that range.

Although many have said the game suffers from a middling execution of some of its concepts, the premise alone is wacky enough to warrant a look: “The Department of Sneakin’ is the world’s most elite stealth agency. Your mission: stop time-traveling master criminal Amadeus Guildenstern.”

Never Stop Sneakin’ [Steam]

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