Former Star Fox artist wants to see Nintendo port Star Fox Zero to Switch

Nintendo port Star Fox Zero

Do it

After six long years, Star Fox Zero has been dormant on the now-dead Wii U console. But a former artist wants to see Nintendo port Star Fox Zero to Switch, and is just one of several industry forces calling for its return.

Former Nintendo developer Takaya Imamura, who left the company in 2021 (after 32 years), just put out a plea on Twitter for Nintendo to revisit Zero on Switch. They note how “six years have passed” since its launch (to the day, today, going off of Japan’s release date!), and while there are “issues” to consider, they ask the company to port the game to the Switch. They also offer their services to help work on art for the new game, including a sequel to the Star Fox Zero animation, which we’ve embedded below.

As a reminder, the ball is in Nintendo’s court. Co-developer Platinum Games has already said it would “definitely” bring the game to Switch, and given how beloved the Star Fox franchise is in general, I wouldn’t say it was outside of the realm of possibility. Of course, there’s monetary needs to consider and investors to appease.

But it’s really tough to put all of the blame for any given Wii U game’s sales at the feet of any individual game: but rather, the ill-fated Wii U console install base, and the marketing rollout. Many old Wii U exclusives have gotten a new lease on life on Switch, and seeing Nintendo port Star Fox Zero wouldn’t be the craziest thing in the world. I’d welcome it, “issues” and all.

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