Former PlayStation CEO Jack Tretton is starting a company to assist the indie scene

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Former PlayStation head-honcho Jack Tretton has announced plans to start up a new company, with aims to provide both financial and managerial assistance to small studios on the independent circuit.

Interactive Gaming Ventures will use Tretton’s industry knowledge, network and economical/financial resources to help smaller developers get their projects onto the market. Surprisingly, Tretton, who announced the company in an interview with Business Insider, has also stated that IGV will not own the rights to any game that it helps publish.

“Our interest is really in the game itself,” said the former PlayStation President. “We invest specifically in the game itself. The developer owns the IP, the developer controls the actual process of developing… We’ll provide financial support with milestones, when the game ultimately goes to market, we’ll take a percentage of the income in return for our investment. It’s really more of a royalty-based investment.”

Tretton obviously has more than enough know-how to help struggling developers get their wares out into the world. The Boston-born marketer was VP of Sales for Activision in his formative years, before joining Sony in 1995 and having a hand in the original PlayStation. Tretton would be named President of SCE in 2006, succeeding Kaz Hirai, and would go on to lead the brand through the new millennium, before stepping down in 2014.

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