Former EA peeps bolt to make Wii/DS studio … now we’re talking

This is how you make great games for the most refreshing console to date: Create a studio to make games specifically for that console. No ports, not half-assed coding, no, there has got to be straight dedication and focus to make something truly original for an original console. Luckily for us Wii owners, the guys who have started Jet Black Games understand this very well.

Formed by ex-employees of EA Canada, the company has released a statement declaring their love for all things Nintendo:

According to a statement from the Vancouver-based company, Jet Black will create games that are based on original and licensed IP.

“Both the Nintendo DS and Wii’s WiFi capabilities provide an advanced medium for Jet Black to bring already popular franchises to an even broader worldwide audience,” said co-founder and CEO Roger Freddi.

Hopefully, more studios and developers will start taking this route and leave the other games to port happily between the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. We need Wii-specific games, not ports. 

Robert Summa