Former Bethesda devs tease open-world RPG Wyrdsong


A short teaser from Something Wicked Games

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It wouldn’t be Gamescom Opening Night Live without a handful of vague teasers to set the mood and put out the feelers for newly-established studios looking to staff up. With that in mind, here’s the briefest of looks at Wyrdsong, an open-world preternatural RPG from Something Wicked Games, a team founded by Bethesda’s Jeff Gardiner.

Cool audio design, a sinister historical backdrop, and… not much else.

Wyrdsong is an occult historical fantasy RPG set in a fictionalized Portugal in the middle ages,” according to the studio. (Ooh, they used the “O” word!) “Players will be challenged to question both their reality and the choices they make as Wyrdsong is set to expand, question, and re-define aspects of what makes up the current Role Playing Game genre.”

The Wyrdsong teaser trailer led with the team’s prior experience, which included games like Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Skyrim, Dragon Age Inquisition, and The Outer Worlds.

From what we’ve seen today, there isn’t much to show yet, so we’ll have to put a pin in it. I fully expect this game to show up again at a future showcase. As intriguing as the occult-infused fantasy world could be, it’s just a blip on my radar until we start to see it up close.

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