Former arcade exclusive Border Break takes aim for PS4

Making a break for new lands!

For nearly a decade, Border Break has been a staple of Japanese arcades. A large-scale 10 vs. 10 team battle game, players are able to create and customise their own units by picking specific classes of mecha they will use as well as unlocking more powerful weapons and cosmetics by spending in-game currency earned through playing. 

The game has gone through a number of updates in its nine-year lifespan and has even had model kits of the mecha and figures of the female navigator characters to purchase, but the game itself has never reached out beyond the arcade (save for a mobile game in 2014) until now.

Announced earlier today, Border Break will be hitting PS4 in Japan in the summer with an open beta in February. It will use a free-to-play model so there will be some clear differences between this and the arcade version but for the first time, players outside of Japan will be able to give it a try and see what all the fuss is about (provided you have a Japanese PSN account).

The game is said to have a more expansive story mode as well at the expected online elements and will support DualShock 4 controls as well as mouse, to try and mimic the arcade controls which consists of a flightstick on the left and a mouse-like device on the right. It’s… weird. For now, we get to check out the PV released by Sega for the game to give us an idea on what to expect but for those interested, keep your eyes peeled for the open beta next month!

[Via Gematsu]

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