Former America’s Next Top model contestant eyes Rock Band Network

First thing this morning, I’m looking at the title of this press release and trying to figure out why I know the name – Sarah Vonderhaar. The release tells me that the “up-and-coming pop star” and her music will be included in the closed beta trial for MTV Games’ groundbreaking Rock Band Network. So at the very least, I know she’s a musician, or at least that’s what her management is leading us to believe.

Then it hit me — Sarah was a contestant and finalist on America’s Next Top Model. Cycle 8, to be more precise; they call them “cycles,” not “seasons.” See, I know this because I watch America’s Next Top Model, and I know that Sara was the “class flirt” in that one episode where they dressed up like high school clichés. And appropriately, she dressed like a “rocker” for one photo shoot. And then Tyra Banks snapped her fingers, said some condescending s**t, and then sent Sarah’s ass home.

Anyhow, back to why this is relevant to your interests — Rock Band. Right. We covered that already. I guess the point here is that even in its infancy, the Rock Band Network is giving a voice (and drums, guitar, and bass) to artists who might not ordinarily get heard or featured in a music game. You go, Sarah Vonderhaar.

Also, now everyone knows I watch America’s Next Top Model. OMG NEW CYCLE ON SEPTEMBER 9!

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