Former Activision majority owner, Vivendi, buys stake in Ubisoft

Gameloft, too

After showing two years of declining interest in the video game industry, media company Vivendi SA wants back in. It recently bought a stake in French developers and publishers Ubisoft and Gameloft, which were both founded by Michael Guillemot.

The total value of the transaction was approximately $183 million. The vast majority (almost $161 million) was invested in Ubisoft, as Vivendi secured 7.36 million shares — a 6.6 percent stake in the company. The remaining amount was invested in Gameloft; Vivendi now owns 5.24 million shares and 6.2 percent of that property.

Those familiar with video game business most likely recognize Vivendi as the former majority owner of Activision. Vivendi once owned 63 percent of Activision. Two years ago, Activision bought $5.83 billion of its stock back and chipped in another $2.34 billion to make the sale happen. Vivendi currently has control over 5.8 percent of Activision.

There’s no telling how Vivendi’s involvement will affect Ubisoft. If Vivendi likes what it sees, it may invest more. Vivendi reportedly has a pool of cash in the neighborhood of $10 billion. The $183 million it’s in for now is just a drop in the bucket.

Vivendi Buys Stakes in French Gamemakers Ubisoft and Gameloft [Bloomberg]

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