Force Unleashed sells 1.5 million units, on track to be the best-selling SW game

Just like the demo, the retail version of Star Wars: Force Unleashed is breaking records. According to LucasArts, Force Unleashed has sold over 1.5 million copies in its first week and apparently is on track to become the best-selling Star Wars game ever. People apparently enjoy Star Wars, despite George Lucas always breaking the dream.

Force Unleashed is also the fastest selling selling SW game, but the numbers are a bit skewed. The figures are based on the sales from all five platforms for the game, which is why the apprentice is beating out Dash Rendar and his heroics from Shadows of the Empire.

Despite Force Unleashed not having an awesome Wampa cheat code, we still gave it some pretty decent marks. Check out the review if you’re interested in the hype, or wait until next year when George Lucas decides to kick the series again by cloning Luke Skywalker and putting him in a more distant future – without lightsabers.

[via GameInfoWire]

Brad BradNicholson