Force Unleashed heading to iPhone with fingersaber action

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If you’re a fan of ridiculously expensive gadgets designed to make you look like the trendiest douchebag in town, then you will no doubt own an iPhone, and might be interested to learn that LucasArts is porting over its highly anticipated Star Wars action title. Star Wars: Force Unleashed will be heading to Apple’s latest money magnet with a unique control system.

The iPhone version of Force Unleashed will be completely on-rails, and you’ll be expected to swipe your finger across the screen to engage in portable lightsaber action. Frankly, it sounds rubbish, but the people responsible are saying it’s quite fun, and I guess they wouldn’t have any undue bias. I say we trust them!

CVG has a gallery of screenshots for your perusal, if you are interested in using the iForce.

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