Force Unleashed demo unleashes soon

According to 360fanboy, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will be available on the Xbox Live Marketplace August 21st. Despite all of the recent issues with staffing, it seems as if LucasArts is still on schedule with the game considering that the demo was promised to hit about this time last month. The demo will have a tutorial mode that demonstrates how to use the infamous Force Grip power and will take place in an early level dubbed TIE Fighter Construction Facility. Apparently, it’s up Vader’s apprentice to hunt down a Jedi General named Rahma Kota who is leading a siege against the facility and to leave no witnesses in the process.

Dyson had an opportunity to check out the game last month at LucasArts and his impressions were decently favorable. We all know that fans of Star Wars will eat this game up like candy, but I’m becoming very cautious with this title. A lot of Star Wars titles have had great concepts but almost always boil down to very little substance. Hopefully, this trend can break and my brain can finally forget the travesty that was Star Wars: Galaxies at some point.

Brad BradNicholson