Force Unleashed breaks demo record, also people like Star Wars

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In a mere eight days after its demo release, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has reached one million downloads over Xbox Live. According to Edge (via OXM) this is a record. I would like to meet the man that keeps track of these numbers.

I have come to the conclusion that Star Wars fans have broken this record by deleting and downloading the beta continuously. Just like how fans clog the movie theatres for days at a time to watch George Lucas butcher their favorite fiction. The man still makes money, even if you’re sour about Padme dying of a broken heart.

The Force Unleashed has reached an estimated 2.3 million downloads over Xbox Live and PlayStation Network combined, which is an insane number for a demo. We’ve had the opportunity to play several different versions of the game (including the demo) and thus far we’re pretty high on it. Perhaps Star Wars fans will actually have something to be proud of.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
ships to stores on every conceivable platform on September 16 this year.

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