Forbidden Terror to be a Wiiware title…if the price is right?

If you squint hard enough, you might mistake this game for a futuristic Resident Evil game, but it’s actually just a tech demo developed by Emergent Technologies, as one of the Editors from Siliconera found out.

As the screen suggests, Forbidden Terror (as it is called) is your typical zombie shooter with a twist: players share a single life bar, and the undead have a penchant for keeping their internal organs, well… internal. While reloading his gun in between zombie killing, Spencer noticed that those brain-eaters were stopping to tuck their intestines back in — an amusing touch, he commented. I’m having flashbacks to the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz personally, but I can see how that might be deemed delightful to some of you. 

When pressed about the chances of this becoming a Wii Ware game, Emergent reps offered this simple response: “we might be able to work something out with a salesman.”

Sounds straightforward enough to me. Think this meets the prerequisites of some strong-arm sales tactics, or going by what little you’ve seen here — would you pass on this one? Before you rush to judgment on this one, you graphics whores, let me remind you that it is the product of a team of only four people.

[Thanks, Adam!]