Forbes has the lowdown on how to get into the games industry! Wait … Forbes? Really?

Forbes, a media outlet primarily known for stock tips and pin-up spreads of Kenneth Lay, seems to think that they too know how you can get into the gaming industry. Of course, they predicted with stunning clarity that the internet might be something useful someday and that Microsoft may somehow make some money for someone, so it’s possible that they have some kind of inside track, right? Right?

No. Not at all. This article is the same one you’ve read in the last seventeen issues of EGM, except Dan Hsu isn’t smirking at you from the corner. Without a smug asian fellow nearby, tips on how to become a gaming professional simply don’t seem as genuine.

Kids, I’ll let you in on a little secret; people become massively successful in the gaming industry through sheer, dumb luck. Will Wright, one of the most insanely intelligent people on the planet, owes a good deal of his tremendous success to being in the right place at the right time. Even our own Rob Summa was a stock boy at Saks Fifth Avenue who just happened to trip and fall into the lap of Gabe Newell, and upon touching the mighty girth of the mastermind behind Half-Life, Mr. Summa was transformed into the Guyver of gaming critics (he’s got a chitinous exoskeleton, but he’s on our side, so it’s ok when he tears people’s limbs off). 

In closing, your mother always wanted you to become a doctor. Why do you want to hurt your mother

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