For that special survivor in your life, Left 4 Dead Valentines

Even as a child, Valentine’s Day was something of a disgusting affair for me. I’m sure it had nothing to do at all with being one of the nerdy, socially awkward kids all of the other children secretly harbored jealously of, knowing deep in their hearts that I would be more successful than they could ever dream of being. No, it probably relates to being one of the normal dorks that popular people who engage in the exchange of cards never even gave any thought to.

These Valentine’s Day cards based on characters from Left 4 Dead, however, are enough to make even my cold, dead heart flutter. Created by Alexandria Neonakis, there’s a card for each of the special zombie types in the game, all with adorable sayings on them. And, if your co-op gameplay preference leans more towards Team Fortress 2, she has also designed cards featuring several of the character types from that game.

Check out the gallery to see all of these sitcky-sweet (as opposed to sticky-tastes-like-pennies) cards.

[Via Joystiq]

Conrad Zimmerman