For that anniversary you forgot about: Space Invaders wrapping paper

Whimsy is a company whose goal was to design “kick-ass wrapping paper.” Congratulations — you succeeded!

This Space Invaders-themed wrapping paper may be 4 months late for Christmas, but it’s 2 months early for my birthday. Fittingly, this is found in the “Dude Wrap” section of Whimsy. It’s a nice little niche market: hipster paper products for the metropolitan faux-artist on the go! Genius. You can also score ribbon, notecards, journals, and placemats to assert your masculinity.

But seriously, this gift wrap is awesome, and it’s a steal at $4.50, as are the neato-bandeato stickers. To boot, Whimsy is having a Daylight Savings Time sale, so get on the stick and order yourself a roll. What else are you going to wrap those socks in?

[Via Build Your Own Arcade Controls FAQ


Joseph Leray