For some reason, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is now backward compatible on Xbox One

Who needs the Xbox One port?

Love it or hate it, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was a thing that definitely happened. It was also the final version of gaming’s most popular series that had a proper last-gen port. While Black Ops III did see a version on PS3 and Xbox 360, it skipped the campaign and shipped with only the multiplayer. If you wanted to experience whatever happened in that craptastic story, you had to pony up for a new console. With Advanced Warfare, you could still live in your blissful 720p world and feel Call of Duty’s painstakingly crafted thrills.

If, for some reason, you owned an Xbox One and decided to go with the 360 version of Advanced Warfare, your day was arrived. The most divisive entry in the series is now available on the backward compatibility service, making me question why Activision even bothered with porting it over. I suppose its a nice gesture for people that really just did not want to rebuy the title for Microsoft’s fancy new box. You can get the game pre-owned on 360 for half the price of its next-gen brother, so that is an incentive if you just want to try it.

Along with Call of Duty comes Sonic Adventure to the backward compatible service. That did not have a physical release, so you’ll be stuck with buying it digitally on your console. I’m not sure if the DX Edition DLC is included, but I would assume so (most DLC does carry over). Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is also finally available for digital purchase, so you can clear up some shelf space by downloading the title.

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