For Honor PC deals up to 32% off before tomorrow’s launch

Best savings is Deluxe Edition in UK/EU

For Honor‘s weekend open beta ended in the late afternoon on Sunday and the initial wave of purchases are pouring in (at least, that’s what we’re seeing anyways). Gamers that enjoyed Ubisoft’s latest are giving the game a vote with their wallets, as the title has shot up to the top-selling spot on Steam, the Uplay Shop, and various other digital retailers.

While you were able to do an update from the closed beta to the open beta, for tomorrow’s full release you’ll need to re-download it all. The full game download clocks in at 29GB for the PC, but thankfully pre-loading has started since last Friday. If you have a slow connection, we’d suggest getting started tonight to get yourself ready in time for tomorrow’s release.

The game is currently at a 20% off discount for gamers in NA, with Standard at $47.99 via GMG and Gold Edition at $79.99. Both are the Uplay digital key, while the Gold Edition comes bundled with the Season Pass.

Interestingly, in the UK/EU, we’re spotting more aggressive discounts on For Honor‘s Deluxe Edition at select digital retailers. For example, GamersGate is currently only selling the Deluxe and Gold Edition in the UK, giving the Deluxe a 32% off discount while the Gold Edition of For Honor only receives a 21% off discount. (When Standard was available, it was being sold at 15% off only.)

The same story is occurring at GamesPlanet, where you’ll find For Honor Deluxe Edition at 25% off and the Standard and Gold Edition at only 20% off. In our opinion, this is probably a smart move from the two digital retailers given Deluxe includes cosmetic items at best, and without the the bigger discount, they are much harder to justify picking up (whereas Gold Edition will include the Season Pass).

We’ve rounded up all the relevant PC deals below, from NA to UK to EU. If you spot some price discrepancies on release day tomorrow, let us know and we’ll update accordingly.

Update 2/15: Now that the game is released, prices have been updated yet again.

For Honor PC North America Deals



  • For Honor Standard Edition (Uplay) — $46.79 (22% off)
  • For Honor Deluxe Edition (Uplay) — $54.59 (22% off)
  • For Honor Gold Edition (Uplay) — $77.99 (22% off))

For Honor PC UK/EU Deals

    GamesPlanet – ROW Only

    GamersGate ROW Only

    • For Honor Deluxe Edition (Uplay) — £33.99 (32% off) /  50.99€ (27% off)
    • For Honor Gold Edition (Uplay) — £51.99 (21% off) /  76.49€ (24% off)

    Note that for the UK/EU deals at GamersGate and GamesPlanet, the Uplay keys are “rest of the world” and are region locked to Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Oceania, Japan, and South Korea. If you want the North American key, make sure you grab from the GMG or GamersGate (NA) links above.

    Looking above, if you’re a gamer in Europe, you really should just pick up the game in GBP and pay accordingly for the conversion. As of writing, the priciest copy of For Honor are the ones bought with Euro. Note that for the Deluxe pricing, that is NOT a typo for Standard Edition at GamesPlanet in Euro, they are indeed both priced at €47.99 – so uh, if you must pay in Euro and buy at GamesPlanet, you might as well get the Deluxe Edition.

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