For Honor is getting dedicated servers on consoles tomorrow

For Honor and quality connections!

Almost a year ago, Ubisoft claimed that it would be adding dedicated servers to its historical brawler For Honor. While that update arrived on PC last month, it hasn’t made its way onto consoles…that is, until now! Starting tomorrow, March 6, console players will be able to finally play For Honor with a decent connection.

Coming as part of For Honor Season Five, dedicated servers will also be accompanied by major hero updates, new training features and a special three week long  “Apollyon’s Legacy” event. Data gathered from the PC rollout has shown improved match completion rates and a complete elimination of games being stalled due to host migration. There are also some other unnamed improvements that Ubisoft is promising will happen for console players.

Whether or not this is too late to save the game is up for debate, but at least Ubisoft has shown dedication to improving the experience. With how successful Rainbow Six Siege has been for the publisher, maybe For Honor can make a comeback and do justice to its intriguing premise.

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