For as simple as it is, Dragon Quest VR looks dope

A cool proof-of-concept

Sign me the heck up for a full-on Dragon Quest game in virtual reality. This month in Japan, VR Zone Shinjuku will offer Dragon Quest VR, an experience that assembles two warriors, a mage, and a priest to fight slimes, drackies, and other assorted monsters leading up to the big bad Zoma.

Based on this short footage captured by Famitsu, the game is more of an enemy-clearing tech exploration than a sweeping RPG, but it sure is pretty. It’s easy to fill in the gaps and imagine how immersive this could be as a proper time-hogging Dragon Quest adventure. One day we’ll get there.

Dragon Quest VR will be open to the public beginning April 27.

[Via Gematsu]

Jordan Devore
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