Footage of Twisted Pixel’s Comic Jumper appears

Creators of Xbox LIVE Arcade success ‘Splosion Man, Twisted Pixel, gave the world its first glimpse of its next downloadable title, Comic Jumper, at Austin’s SXSW event. We’re guessing the vast majority of you missed that opportunity, but that’s nothing to worry about now: the footage of the slice of game Twisted debuted during the demo has been made available for us to share. As a bonus, we have images too.

If you’re lucky enough to hold PAX East tickets, you’ll get a shot to see Comic Jumper at the Boston-based event. Twisted Pixel announced this afternoon that the game is to be demoed at the event during 1 PM, 3 PM, and 5 PM.

I’m getting good vibes from Comic Jumper. Creative brawlers are rare these days, and good humor is even more rare. If ‘Splosion Man or The Maw are any indication, we’re in for another treat with this downloadable.

Before I forget: in the official release it’s mentioned that the game will feature a host of game modes outside of just brawling, including “riding a Brad-bot down the side of a building” and “intense panel-jumping transitions.” Sounds like the Comix Zone we’ve always wanted (and didn’t get).

Brad BradNicholson