FMV adventure! Hysteria Project, for PS3 and PSP

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Ah, remember the days of FMV game play? Well, I guess “game play” doesn’t exactly fit. It was closer to watching. Watching and thinking. Like Myst. One of my favorites ever was a PC game called Drowned God. Did anyone out there also play that? Freaky sh*t.

I love these FMV games, so I’m glad that there’s another coming in the form of a PSP/PS3 Mini. Sanuk GamesHysteria Project puts you in the middle of the FMV. According to the PlayStation Blog, it won the “Revelation 2009” Milthon award in Paris in a previous form (was also available on iPhone), and now you’ll be able to try it for yourself for only $1.99 this Thursday when it goes live on PSN.

Stop. You’re thinking too hard. It’s $2, people. Nice.

There’s a video from the iPhone version after the jump if you’re interested.

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