Flying off the Shelves side quest completion guide Hogwarts Legacy

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As Hogwarts Legacy moves into the later portions of the game, the sidequests get a little more complicated. Early on, some of them can be completed in mere minutes. Flying off the Shelves is one such quest that you can finish without much trouble! Here’s how to clear it.

Get the quest from Cressida Blume, then head into the library

Cressida Blume will ask you to obtain five books from the library, all of which can be grabbed by the early-game Accio spell.

After picking up the quest, you just need to go down the stairs slightly, and turn right to enter the library.

Grab five books with Accio

Like many field guide pages, the five books will be flying around the library: grab each of them with Accio. There is one book on the lower level near the restricted section, two other books on the ground floor, and two books on the second level. We’ve marked the locations on the screen in the gallery above that players might miss.

If this seems easy, that’s because it is. This is a really low level quest: funnily enough, I picked it up when I was level 38.

Go back to Cressida to turn in the quest

Head back to Cressida to turn the quest in and immediately complete it. You can choose to extort her for money, or tell her that her secrets are safe with you.

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