Flying, custom class mounts confirmed for World of Warcraft: Legion

Some of them look real great

Today at BlizzCon, Blizzard confirmed just what will be coming next for World of Warcraft: Legion after the Karazhan update, and it’s none other than the Tomb of Sargeras (with Kil’jaeden at the end of it), which will be implemented in patch 7.2 alongside of a new dungeon.

As a note, Blizzard had a record drop in players for the last expansion Warlords of Draenor, which started off great, but resulted in a plummeting subscriber base after they failed to really deliver any substantial updates. During the opening keynote and their “What’s next for WoW” panel, they reiterated that they won’t be making that same mistake again.

Blizzard also explained that in 7.2, flying will be implemented — a feature typically missing at the start of expansions so that players will explore everything before simply skipping over it. There will be no raid content required — just outdoor questing throughout the Broken Shore questline. Once you unlock flying on one character, it’ll be enabled for everyone. On top of that, there will be class mounts, which reflect the playstyle of each class.

Ian Hazzikostas, Legion‘s game director, spoke to Destructoid about some of the finer points of flying in the latest expansion. “It will basically be the same as Draenor. The idea is that you’re mastering all of the outdoor content before you earn the right to fly in it.” It won’t be super hard either if you finished the first part — “You’ll complete the first part of the achievement from 7.0, then move into the new Broken Shore questline, and finish a few ancillary things, then unlock flying.”

Once everyone’s done with Karazhan and the Emerald Nightmare Raid this will be the next big thing. As I mentioned in my review, this is the best WoW has been in a long while, so I’m planning on playing through all of this.

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