Fly high in new off-road racing game Gravel

Dirt, Gravel, Mud, Asphalt…

Lately I’ve been on a racing binge, trying to lighten up my backlog. Off-road games like MotorStorm and FlatOut jumped out at me more than most, and Gravel seems to be ride up that alley. Simply named, it comes by way of Italian racing game developer Milestone who also father the Ride, MotoGP, and WRC series’ and will release sometime this summer on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Gravel will run on Unreal Engine 4 and have a variety of game modes including Wild Rush, Cross Country, and Stadium Circuit. Stadium Circuit consists of “Arenas filled with spectacular jumps: feel the roar of the crowd and launch your vehicle in extreme acrobatics!” 

Reminds me of the the Stunt Contruction mode in Stuntman (PS2, 2002) where you devised your own stunts and, more often than not, disasters.

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