Flower glides onto PlayStation Network on February 12

So Flower‘s coming to PlayStation Network on February 12, but what is it? Damned if I know how to properly explain it.

I spent about 15 minutes with the game at E3 last year, and it was a beautiful, calming gaming experience. Sony goes as far as to call it “zen” gaming. You use the SIXAXIS controller to guide a flower petal through a dream-like world, pollinating other plants and bringing life to otherwise desolate environments. It has a flOw feel to it, which is explained in part by the fact that it’s designed by the same group of developers, thatgamecompany.

The game’s lead artist, Matt Nava, delves deeper into Flower’s meaning. 

“Flower’s simple concent conceals grander themes that will provoke though,” he describes the game in under ten words on the PlayStation Blog. “An interactive poem exploring the tension between urban and nature.”

Right. Well, however you want to describe it, Flower certainly looks to be a different experience. And a gorgeous one; check out the new trailer above.

Nick Chester