Floss the pharaoh: Egyptian Dental Fair comes to Nintendo DS

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Nibris — the folks behind the missing-in-action Wii title Sadness — has announced it’s adding another game to its stable of titles, Egyptian Dental Fair for the Nintendo DS.

Available this fall, Egyptian Dental Fair is said to be a collection of 30 games that will not only educate gamers on ancient Egypt, but on the early history of dentistry. Players step into the shoes of a variety of historical figures, including Cleopatra, Tutankhamen, and more as they use the Nintendo DS touch screen to clean and pull teeth in what Nibris is calling “wacky oral-themed adventures.”

Best part? Nibris will be including a working toothbrush that also doubles as a DS stylus, along with a sarcophagus shaped holder. And that — along with an education — may very well be worth the $29.99 suggested retail price.

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Nibris Announces Egyptian Dental Fair™ for the Nintendo DS

An all-ages educational game about Egypt and Professional Dentistry

SANTA MONICA, CA (Tuesday, March 31, 2009) – Interactive entertainment pioneer Nibris, Inc., is pleased to announce Egyptian Dental Fair, an exciting new collection of 30 educational games available this fall for the Nintendo DS®.

“After months of development, we’re excited that all of our late-night sessions have finally paid off and we can begin share Egyptian Dental Fair with the world,” said CEO Piotr Babieno. “Our collection of zany mini-games is sure to leave your heart pounding and your teeth happy!”

Players will step into the shoes of famous figures from historical Egypt, such as Cleopatra, Tutankhamen, and Anubis, as they battle their way through challenging and wacky oral-themed adventures. The first casual game based on the fascinating field of pre-modern dentistry, Egyptian Dental Fair will include:

  • A beautiful artistic style based on the art of ancient Egypt
  •  Realistic brushing/oral hygiene game play
  • Over 30 fun and educational mini-games
  • Zany international characters “inspired by” some of Hollywood’s most notorious jet-setting celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan, Owen Wilson, and Andy Dick
  • A bonus encyclopedia that teaches you about the start of dentistry and how it’s evolved throughout the ages
  • Includes a (real) toothbrush/stylus and authentic Egyptian sarcophagus holder
  • Suggested retail price: $29.99

“This game is perfect for both casual and core gamers alike,” said Babieno. “The game is easy enough for first-timers, while still providing enough challenge for experienced players.  The game is will also be offered at an attractive price point as we enter the holiday season.”

For more information on the game, high-res assets and more information visit: http://www.egyptiandentalfair.com  
About Nibris

Nibris is a small, but extremely innovative and experienced development team, situated in the very heart of Europe – Krakow, where East meets West. The geo-cultural location makes our perception of the World somewhat different from that of our work colleagues. Innovative ideas and scenarios allowing the player to completely identify with the hero of the production, created by us, are the main driving force of our games. In this way we want to allow for a full-on experience created by us and the player. Nibris – you will feel it.



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