FlatOut: Head On PSP demo ready for download [Update]

Ready to put that PlayStation Portable of yours to good use? Great! A demo for FlatOut: Head On, a game based upon FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage, is now available for download.

The demo contains a few game modes: “Carnage Race,” “Deathmatch Derby,” and “High Jump.” While the first two modes are pretty self-explanatory, it should be known that “High Jump” is a Ragdoll stunt in which you launch your driver into a metal net of all things.

If you end up downloading this demo and like what you find, you’ll be pleased to know that the retail release for FlatOut: Head On isn’t too far off (March 08).

[Update: Turns out the demo won’t be released today, due to techincal difficulties. Guess we’ll just have to imagine playing FlatOut for the time being.]

Jordan Devore
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