Five years later, Dawn of War II: Retribution adds the Necron Overlord

New character for Last Stand mode

Five years of Dawn of War II: Retribution. My goodness. It doesn’t feel like it has been then long at all, but then, anniversaries like this have a way of sneaking up on me. Relic and Sega were keeping track, at least. While there’s no surprise Dawn of War III announcement today (darn), there is news of a long-awaited character arrival and another patch for the 2011 strategy game.

For five days beginning March 10, 2016, players can nab the Necron Overlord for free for use in the Last Stand survival mode. He is “by far the most-requested addition,” according to the developer, who designed him with a mix of long-range and area-of-effect melee playstyles. After that initial giveaway window (March 15 and on), the Overlord will cost $9.99.

The new patch addresses a handful of issues in Retribution culled from community feedback:

    • Replaced the weapons for the supporting members of Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon Squad. The ranged weapons of the supporting squad members were removed in an earlier bug patch.
    • The Hardcore Steam achievement now unlocks after beating wave 20 in the Last Stand Anvil of Khorne Map.
    • Progress on Last Stand weapon achievements is now being recorded correctly.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when the Chaos Sorcerer cloned the Tau Shas’O Commander’s drone.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when first encountering the Eldar in the Space Marine campaign.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when crossing the bridge in the Dark Portal mission of the Ork Campaign.
    • Added multiple colors in the army painter. Due to new colors for the Necron, there are new colors for everyone!

    Relic also outlined some bugs it hasn’t been able to fix yet — Windows 10 crashes, broken Steam invites, Last Stand not launching — and noted that its work isn’t finished yet. “Keep playing, keep your feedback coming, and together we’ll continue to improve!”

    Cool to see continued support like this, but uh, Dawn of War III? Please? There’s clearly interest!

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