Five Nights at Freddy’s seems to still be coming to consoles, ports are ‘in progress’

‘More news coming soon’

The Five Nights at Freddy‘s console ports have been in limbo for a bit.  After the explosive viral horror romp was released in 2014 (which doesn’t feel like that long ago) it quickly spread everywhere, including merchandise and toys, but the original set of games have yet to hit anything but PC and mobile devices.

Creator Scott Cawthorn noted that console ports were coming a few years back but we haven’t heard much since (instead he pumped out four more games and two more books) — until this week, that is. Posting on the Steam community of the latest spinoff game Ultimate Custom Night, Cawthorn explained that a deal has been signed and that the ports are in progress. More news is “coming soon.”

Love it or hate it you’ve probably seen Five Nights at your local big box retailer in t-shirt or toy form, so it’s not going away anytime soon.

Ultimate Custom Night [Steam]

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