Five Night at Freddy’s fan film is short and creepy

Small run time, big spooks

Horror movie trailers always give away the best bits of the film, and this fan made short for Five Nights at Freddy‘s by Typhoon Cinema is no exception. You’ve got all the greatest hits, spooky music, fuzzy security cameras, and pants soiling jump scares. Basically the whole Freddy‘s package in a little over a minute.

I was skeptical when Warner Bros. bought up the rights to make a Freddy‘s movie. I thought to myself, “in the time it will take them to crank out a film, the hype for this series will be long dead.” Now, I’m not so sure. This fan short seems about as creepy as any other horror movie trailer out there. Maybe Freddy‘s could work as a perfectly serviceable horror flick, even for folks who never watched a hysterical Let’s Player spill his drink (and dignity) all over his keyboard while visiting Fazbear’s Pizza.

Nic Rowen