Fishing CONFIRMED for NieR: Automata

Reel good news!

Fishing was not one of the most popular parts of Square Enix’s cult role-playing game NieR, but that doesn’t mean the team won’t be taking another stab at the concept in the follow-up, NieR: Automata.

Following up on an interview I conducted with the NieR: Automata team at E3 last year, where director Yoko Taro said he had no plans to do another fishing mini-game, I asked if anything had changed.

In fact, something has. There will indeed be fishing, Taro revealed with a chuckle and a wry smile, as he mentioned the mechanics will (thankfully) be “a little different” than they were in the previous game.

Even if you enjoyed fishing in NieR, I think we can all agree it could be a little more straightforward, so it’s nice to hear Taro and his staff are working to improve that aspect of the experience.

Kyle MacGregor Burleson