First Ys IX footage shows off expanded traversal options

Adol’s got a grappling hook

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As announced in early February, Falcom debuted some footage of Ys IX at the Dengeki Games Festival yesterday. It’s not as exciting as you’d think, but it does show off the expanded traversal options that Ys IX will have. Adol has something that looks similar to a grappling hook, which is likely one of those Monstrum powers that promotional materials have been hinting at.

There is wall running, as well as gliding through the air, and the general size of the city seems to be quite large. In the live stream from Dengeki, the devs hinted that around 40-50% of the game world will be this city location, which could be a good or bad thing depending on how populated it is. There are also different things Adol needs to do to live within the city walls, seeing as how his form is dramatically different from past Ys titles. I’m not sure exactly what that entails, but the live stream hints at this being a part of the “Guild Management” system.

There’s really not much else to glean from this footage. The game is still in an alpha state, so everything is quite sparse. With Ys IX targeting a fall release, we should hopefully be able to see a better-realized version of it in a few months.

Ys IX first gameplay, new details [Gematsu]

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